How to play Teen Patti at online casinos – Fun88

How to play Teen Patti at online casinos – Fun88

Teen Patti – Fun88 online games


Understanding Teen Patti basics – Fun88

Teen Patti is one of the favorite casino games people play at casinos like Fun88 and offline as well. To play Teen Patti, the card game, you need a deck of 52 cards minus the Joker. The game is generally played for real money in a group of 3 to 6 players.


The aim of Teen Patti is to maximize the value of each pot and win it by making all players lay down their hands or by having the best three-card hand. The game can be played with a pot limit or no limit. Learn how to play Teen Patti step by step:

  • ♣️ Select a dealer: Draw cards to select who starts dealing. The highest card gets the honor. Each round of play, players will take turns being the dealer, as this will change clockwise.

  • ♣️ Place a starting bet: A starting bet is collected from each player to form a starting pot that players will fight over. This initial bet sets the level of the game, as each round of play has a limit of a pot equal to 1024 times the initial bet (unless played without limit).

  • ♣️ Receive your cards: The game dealer deals three cards face down to him and each player clockwise.

  • ♣️ Start acting with the first player: The player seated on the dealer's left side will begin to act. He can choose to play blind (without seeing his cards) or seen (with his cards seen). If he plays blind, he can fold, call the ante, or raise to double. If you play seen, you can fold, pay double the ante, or raise to quadruple it. Whatever bet he decides to make, it is known as a bet.

  • ♣️ Continue to act: Moving clockwise, each player will have the option to fold, call, or raise as blind or seen. How much a player can bet depends on the current bet set by the previous player and whether the current player is blind or seen. If blind, it is 1x or 2x the bet and if spotted 2x or 4x the bet. If the player who acted previously is sighted, what is considered the bet will always be half of the bet of a blind player who acted previously.

  • ♣️ Request a side show: Whenever a sighted player is acting after another sighted player and there are at least three players left in the game, the active player may request a side show with the player who acted previously. The requested player may accept or decline the request. If he accepts, both players will secretly show each other's cards. The player with the worst hand ranking will be eliminated as the game continues.


Hand rankings – fun88

  • ♣️ Best Hand: Trail, set or trio. Three similar cards regardless of color or suit (e.g., AAA or 9-9-9 of a diamond, heart and spade).

  • ♣️ Second Best Hand: Pure Sequence / Straight Flush. Three consecutive cards of the same suit and color (e.g., A-2-3 of hearts or KQJ of clubs).

  • ♣️ Third best hand: Sequence / Straight / Straight Flush. Three consecutive cards of different suits (for example, A-2-3 or KQJ of spades, hearts and diamonds).

  • ♣️ Fourth best hand: Flush / Flush. Three cards of the same suit and color, but not in a sequence (e.g., AKK of hearts or 9-4-3 of spades).

  • ♣️ Fifth best hand: Pair. Two cards of the same rank regardless of color or suit (e.g., AA-9 or 5-5-J).

  • ♣️ Worst hand: high card. Three cards that are not in sequence, of the same rank or suit (e.g., A-9-4 with two diamonds and a spade).

  • ♣️ Demand a showdown: Whenever players have withdrawn or secondary events have occurred that leave only two players in the game, one of the players may demand a final showdown. The player who does not demand it must withdraw or pay. If he sees, both players will show their cards and the one with the higher hand will win the entire pot.

  • ♣️ Enter an alternate showdown: When playing as a limited pot game, an alternate showdown may occur once a pot limit has been reached. For example, if the pot limit is set at 1024x the initial bet, all players will be forced to show their cards when the pot has reached this amount.


Teen Patti: winning recommendations – Fun88

  2. ♣️ The first profit of Teen Patti is fun, but if you also want to win money, here are some recommendations:

  3. ♣️ While you handle the rules of the game, look for free versions of Teen Patti. This way you will learn before betting money.

  4. ♣️ If you perceive that you don't have a good streak it is preferable to withdraw. Remember that the luck factor plays a very important role in this type of games.


Top 10 expert tips to win at online casino games – Fun88

Gambling games like Teen Patti are fun and exciting, especially at Fun88. Many people spend several hours at online casinos for entertainment, excitement, and winnings. Previously, the joy of gambling was only reserved in traditional casinos; however, with new technologies, you can enjoy casino games directly from your living room.


Today, you can play countless online casino games at Fun88 such as blackjack, roulette, poker, slots games and much more anytime, anywhere with the opportunity to win real money at online casinos like Fun88.

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Online gambling at Fun88 has become one of the most popular leisure activities for many people. If you are serious about online casino games, then getting advice from the experts really makes sense to succeed at Fun88 or any other online casino!

  1. ♦️ Play at reputable online casinos: On the Internet, there are many online casinos that offer fat jackpots, bonuses and promotions. But not all online casinos are safe and credible. If you want to win safely, register only at the best online casinos vetted by experts. If you are looking for a reliable casino, you can start playing at Fun88!

  2. ♦️ Keep calm about losses: A gambler should know how to accept losses. Gambling is a game of uncertainty. If you lose due to poor decision making, do not expect to cover the losses all at once. If the risk is high, the chances of losing are higher.

  3. ♦️ Look for games with the lowest house edge: The house edge is how much a casino pays compared to what the actual odds would pay. It's how a casino makes money. It is advisable to start playing games like Blackjack, Teen Patti, Slots at online casinos.

  4. ♦️ Look for the best bonuses: Online casino players can win free money. Many online casinos offer different types of bonuses to incentivize players. You can earn various bonuses like sign up bonus, free bonus, deposit bonus, loyalty bonus, refer a friend bonus, etc

  5. ♦️ Learn winning strategies to win big: Gambling is not just about luck. Your strategies play an important role in your winnings. If you develop great betting skills, your chances of winning increase. In Blackjack, the best winning strategies increase your chances of winning by 45%.

  6. ♦️ Practice free online casino games: If you are a beginner, don't make risky bets without practice, as it's not just about luck. You must know the rules and strategies of casino games. Learn how to play free casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Teen Patti or Slot games to improve your skills before playing for real money.

  7. ♦️ Look for a secure payment method: Gambling is fun when the payment method is safe and secure. Many casino games offer incentives for using a particular payment method; this is an opportunity to make a profit.

  8. ♦️ Avoid alcohol: If you are gambling with real money, avoid consuming alcohol while placing real money bets. Alcohol affects your cognitive abilities and can lead to poor decision making and loss of money.

  9. ♦️ Place bets within your limits: Don't be tempted to place large bets to win a large amount. Large amounts increase pressure and stress. New players should not allow themselves to place large bets to win more.

  10. ♦️ Close when you win: If you have won a large amount, be rational and exit the game. Don't be tempted to win more and make risky bets with the winning amount. There is a greater chance of losing more.


Playing the best casino games at Fun88


Fun88 India offers many poker games like Rummy, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and many others. Fun88 is one of the best casinos online you can find in India. Visit fun88 site on your desktop or download fun88 app. Enjoy the best of Fun88 app now!


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