What should I do if I lose money or get scammed by playing in Fun88 online casinos in India?

What should I do if I lose money or get scammed by playing in Fun88 online casinos in India?

What should I do if I lose money or get scammed by playing in Fun88 online casinos in India? Three top members share tips for winning back bets


Now there are many channels through the Internet to satisfy the desire to participate in gaming activities, such as Fun88 online casinos, Fun88 online betting, Fun88 gaming games, etc., all of which have their own Fun88 loyal players. However, as long as it is an activity on the Internet, there will still be some security issues. In addition, the game itself is an activity that pays real money. If you make a wrong choice, lose too much or get cheated, the number of your account will be It will become invisible! fun88 india

The editor of Fun88 online casino and the customer service team worked together to collect the actual cases of several senior players and share with you! They are all amateur players, each with different situations and using different skills to gain a little in the casino. The editor and customer service will share their stories with consent. fun88 login

Fun88 Member real case sharing!

  • Qianqian: Lose a lot and win back here
  • Classmate Jia: Using the salary of a part-time job as a fund, earning the tuition of the institute
  • Mr. Lin: I've been tricked twice by playing games

Fun88 Qianqian: Lose a lot and win back here

In the beginning, Qianqian's online casino did not have a mobile version, and it was difficult to control with a mobile phone. So I wanted to say that since the computer is all on to play, I just want to play for a longer time. Often because of this idea, I didn’t stop at the right time. The one who won was lost, and the one who had lost was even worse. fun88 login

At that time, Qianqian also saw a lot of gambling skills on the Internet, but I don’t know if he didn’t master it thoroughly or for other reasons. Even if he won money, he still didn’t pay back. Later, he was surprised when he saw an online casino with a high percentage of rebates. Feeling that the rebate has a great impact on whether you can keep the gambling! Although it seems that there are not many %, the bets accumulated over a long time and many games are really considerable. fun88 bet

You can also play on mobile phones in Fun88, and members have a rating system. The higher the rating, the higher the rebate percentage of the member, and there are other opportunities to increase the number. Qianqian now has time to play with her mobile phone at any time. If you have the chance to win, you can quit at any time if you are in a bad state. Coupled with member benefits and additional bonuses, the customer service is also very patient to explain how to use member benefits to earn more bonuses. Yes, playing so far has not only earned back the bet that I lost before, but also has a small surplus to help me raise my salary. funn88

Fun88 Classmate Jia: Using the salary of a part-time job as a fund, earning the tuition of the institute

Jia has been a Fun88 gambler's heart since he was a child (he said hahaha). He loves playing Fun88 games very much, and he enjoys the pleasure of torturing his classmates at the poker table. He would always bet on drinks or dinner when he was playing big dick. Later, his classmates stopped playing with him. Later, he discovered that there was something like an Fun88 online casino, so he started looking for a part-time job to earn money on gambling.

For the first time, Jia has a stored value of 10,000 yuan. In the first month of playing, he won 40,000 without the principal. A total of nearly 500,000 in one year. Of course, there are also times when he loses halfway, but Jia always has a way to go after the low tide. Win back the advantage.

Fun88 Skills used by Jia:

  1. 1. Familiarize yourself with page operations first
  2. 2. Set a budget, never exceed
  3. 3. If you are in a bad state, you will pay for it, don’t fall in love with it.
  4. 4. every game is very attentive to play, focus on the state of the situation
  5. 5. Watch others play more and know the thinking mode of other Fun88 players
  6. 6. Must not miss the overweight event

Fun88 Mr. Lin: Deceived once to enter the casino and once to report to the card

Of the ten players who have played Fun88 casino or Fun88 online betting, about seven have been cheated. The first time Mr. Lin played in the Fun88 casino with a friend of mine. He would always feel more at ease with recommendations from people he knew. At that time, he won money and actually got the transfer, so he stored more value and applied for a withdrawal next time. At the time, he was officially rejected, saying that he used illegal programs to affect the game results.

Mr. Lin felt very nervous at first, because he was just playing Fun88 games normally, and he really didn't know what to do when he was punished. However, the customer service team couldn't show evidence of his violation. He just skipped stitches saying that he violated the rules. Later, when he asked, he became a little angry. The customer service actually scolded him in turn and said, "Don't play if you are unhappy, and we don't want members who violate the rules." He reported the case angrily, and the police told him that this was one of the methods of online fraud, and there were already many victims. Sure enough, the website shut down after more than a month.

Later, Mr. Lin wanted to say that it was the head office of Fun88! But because he was not good at analyzing the NBA record, I found a very popular teacher who reported that he could follow one game for free, and then decided whether to pay to continue the follow-up, he wanted to say yes! There was no loss in the trial, and the one set was really passed. A few months later, the teacher reported to Mr. Lin and said, "Anyway, you vote like me, so I can vote for you." Mr. Lin didn't doubt that he gave the money to the teacher, and it was all right! Later, there was a teacher who said very positively that he could bet heavier. With a 90% chance of passing the test, Mr. Lin paid a lot of money to bet, and then there was no more. There are no teachers anymore. Was deceived again.

In fact, the status of these members is not special. There are several cases of this type, so today it can be regarded as an episode of FAQ! If you also encounter a situation that has doubts, don't rush forward, determine your safety and security, and then evaluate where you should go next. Don't have trouble with yourself.